How to Become a Citizen of the United States

How to Become a Citizen of the United States

Citizenship can be defined as the identity of a person’s nationality or nation of origin hence defines the rights of the person as well as the responsibilities to his/her country. There are a number of ways through which a person can become a US citizen and they include naturalization, being native by birth or foreign by birth. US citizenship by Naturalization is the most common method through which immigrants can obtain US citizenship and become a permanent resident of the United States.

The process of naturalization begins with determining if the applicant is a US citizen either by birth or by any other derived citizenship from their parent(s). After that, the applicant has to ensure that he/she is eligible to become a US citizen by filling in the naturalization eligibility worksheet that involves answering a number of questions to test the knowledge of US history and government. Afterwards, the applicant will be able to fill in the Form N-400, which is the application form for naturalization. After filling and submitting the form to the United States customs and immigration services (USCIS), the applicant will be issued with a receipt notice after which he/she will be able to view the processing times involved as well as the application status.

After the above steps are complete, the applicant can then take a biometrics test if the USCIS schedules it after which he/she will be able to attend the scheduled interview that is set by the USCIS. Once the interview is completed, the USCIS makes a decision on the naturalization application whereby the applicant may be issued with a granted, denied or continued status. If the application is granted, it means that the evidence in the records shows the applicant is eligible while on the other hand, the application may be denied meaning that the evidence in the application form proves the applicant ineligible. Finally, the continued status is issued to show that the applicant can continue with the process and provide additional evidence or documents to the USCIS.

Once the application has been granted, the applicant is issued with a notice to attend a naturalization ceremony whereby he/she takes the oath of allegiance. Taking the oath of allegiance is the final step in this process since it finally formalizes the process of obtaining US citizenship.


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