Planning and completing the process of Immigrating to the US

Planning and completing the process of Immigrating to the US

Nowadays, several reasons may apply to an individuals need to move out of his or her own country. They may vary from a person wishing to visit his or her own family members or seeking to start a new life or in delicate cases like escaping prosecution. The current statistics of immigrants today in the United States who have been registered as permanent residents stands at 41 million. For someone to be able to move into the United States one has to follow keenly the following steps to be permitted to reside in the country.

First and foremost, an individual has to check the eligibility criteria for permanent residence in the United States. There are several criteria for different groups ranging from those who would wish to enter the United States with a ticket of family ties, employment in the U.S. fleeing a foreign country on an account of seeking asylum or being a permanent resident through Diversity Visa Lottery Program.

The next step is that the U.S. citizen who is willing to offer sponsorship for your admission into the U.S. should submit a petition for a permanent visa. These people may vary from family members to employers inviting highly skilled employees into the country. Thirdly, an applicant has to go through his or her own application preferably with a lawyer who specializes with immigration laws. This is important because the simplest of mistakes could cost an applicant his or visa into the United States.

This is followed by an applicant submitting his or fees, application forms and the supporting documents as he or she awaits response from the USCIS. It may also be advisable to show ones financial records to prove that you will not be a burden to the U.S. citizen you are visiting. Having a medical checkup is important before an applicant comes to a face to face situation with an official from the USCIS or the U.S. consulate. The main reason for this is to show that you will not pose a health threat by being infected with a communicable disease and also receiving the necessary vaccinations before travelling.

Once this is done, an applicant can confidently go for an interview with an official from the U.S. government who would determine whether or not an applicant is accepted into the United States. When accepted, permanent residence will commence after an individual goes through customs while in the process of entering the U.S. However, these green cards need to be renewed after every ten years by filling form I-90 through the USCIS.


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