USA Visas and Immigration

USA Visas and Immigration

The USA receives some of the world’s largest number of immigrants per year, hence it has improved and upgraded its methods of handling issues regarding the immigration process. With the number of people who want to travel to the United States for work, education, or simply visit are increasing with each day, the immigration department has to be on its toes to keep up with the trends.

The US immigration office grants various types of visas with regard to the purpose of other nationals coming into the country. This means that there is a different visa for travel, work, families, students, business, as well as exchange or trainee visas. This makes it possible to evaluate a person’s intentions before allowing him into the country. The importance of these different visas is that they give priority to people who will benefit the country positively while reducing the instances of allowing extremists into the country.

However, there are limitations for how many people from each group that can be allowed into the country at any particular point. This means that immigrants from specific countries are granted a particular quota of visas after which they are not offered anymore for a given time period. This gives the department enough time to work on the number of existing immigrants in the country at the time, before opening the channel for providing more visas. For instance, the EB-4 visa limit for immigrants from Mexico was reached for this financial year; meaning that the process of offering visas to Mexican immigrants was halted for a period. On the other hand, work visas for immigrants from India have been under controversy due to their misuse by Indian companies; who send professionals into the United States. With a huge number of Indian and Chinese immigrants in the USA, some government officials seem to think that these visas should be restricted to avoid instances where such immigrants take all the jobs that might be of benefit to US citizens. These countries therefore mostly have caps (limits) on the number of immigrants that can be allowed into the country. For any visa application to be successful, a rigorous process has to be undertaken to ensure that the person’s intentions of entering the United States are explicit and true for purposes of ensuring the country is safe and also to ensure that there are enough resources and space to accommodate new immigrants each day.


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