The Process of Migrating to the USA from India

The Process of Migrating to the USA from India

Being a resident of the United States has a number of benefits but it is a challenging procedure to obtain such status. India has one of the world’s largest immigrants living in the United States due to a number of reasons. Before deciding to migrate to the United States from India, one has to put into consideration a number of factors.

Firstly, the person has to evaluate his/ her eligibility to travel to the USA. This means that the person can have family ties with an American citizen, received employment opportunities in the USA, status of being a refugee and also issues of diversity in the country. This is the first step of identifying which process to take in order to obtain permanent residence in the United States. Afterwards, the second step involves submitting a petition for permanent residence. This petition can only be submitted by the person sponsoring the applicants stay in the United States. Such a person has to be a citizen of the United States for the petition to be accepted.

 After completing the above step, reviewing the application and the supporting documents that are required in the process is another important step to be undertaken. Even the simplest mistake in the application can make the entire request be declined hence this is a very critical step in the process. This will ensure that the applicant is entered into the National Visa Center Processing system that will collect fees and supporting documents while at the same time notify the applicant of any developments.

After submitting the documents and paying the required fees, having a medical examination is the next step to ensure that the applicant will not cause a health threat when in the country. This has to be done by a designated doctor of the Embassy before attending the interview. The doctor fills out a USCIS form I-693 that is submitted together with the application to confirm suitability for the visa program.

The final step involves going for the interview at the embassy in India where an embassy official will conduct the interview. All questions asked have to be answered honestly since the applicant is under oath. Any invalid information provided to the embassy will lead to automatic disqualification from the process with the possibility of being blacklisted from ever applying again. After the interview is conducted, the applicant will be informed of the results whereby if he/she is successful details of what to be done will be communicated to the individual. On the other hand, if the application is not successful, the embassy will provide a reason for the rejection to the applicant.


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