What it means to get a US L2 dependent visa to stay in the US

What it means to get a US L2 dependent visa to stay in the US

In the United States there are alien inhabitants who entered the country with the L1 visa and they happen to have left their immediate family members back at their home country. In order for them to reunite in the US the family members are required to apply for  L2 visa which is a document that the L-1 holder’s spouse and children (who are unmarried and below the age of twenty one years) use to enter the United States with.

Once the spouses and family members are in the United States with the L2 dependent visa they find a few limitations in their daily lives because the visa by itself cannot grant access every essential social need like the most important one being able to find employment. An L2 dependent visa holder has to visit the appropriate offices to acquire the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) that would simplify the search of employment. This is because with this document, (EAD), a holder of the L2 dependent visa will be lawfully permitted to work with any employer of their choice.

However, in the United States any person who possess a social security card, which does not have any restrictions stated on it, is valid to be recruited in any job offer available and this would be done only with the authorization of the INS or the DHS. Such instances forces the L-2 dependent visa holders provide an extra proof other that the social security card to show that they are qualified for employment in the United States. This proof is what the USCIS recommends every L2 dependent visa holders to obtain known as the EAD card. They encourage them to possess the EAD card even though they might not exclusively need to produce it to ascertain their authorization to work to any prospective employer.

The L-2 dependent visa holders enjoy a number of privileges like living in the United States for as long as their L-1 visa holder spouse lives in the country. They are also allowed to work in the US with authorization from the USCIS not to forget engaging in full time study in any educational institution of any level within the country. Most L-2 dependent visa holders enjoy the privilege of being able to take short trips in and out of the country. As for the allowed length of residence, the L-2 visa holders can stay for as long as their spouse with L-1 visa stays in the US.


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