The Idea behind a Foreign National Being a US Citizen

The Idea behind a Foreign National Being a US Citizen

There are two ways of acquiring citizenship in the U.S namely; birthright citizenship and naturalization. Birthright citizenship is where an individual is presumed to be a citizen if they are born within the borders of the United States or if an individual is born by a U.S citizen. Naturalization is whereby an immigrant is accepted to be a U.S citizen after going through the procedure of application of citizenship. This process may sound easy but several flaws in the constitution have raised several questions of acquisition of citizenship for the immigrants. We shall look at some of the major conflicting aspects of the constitution that deal with the acquisition of citizenship by immigrants.

The concept of having a definitive meaning of U.S Citizenship has sparked a large debate especially when immigration reform is concerned. Although many questions are raised when citizenship status of immigrants in America are to be determined, the term citizenship appears to have a deeper meaning that is more explanative rather than just being an individual being granted with permission by the U.S constitution to live in America. It, therefore, defines the relationship between an individual and his/her country by looking at nationalism and personal responsibility, duty, and rights of an individual.

Today, citizenship is known to have a nature of always changing because of the fact that America is a nation of immigrants. This begs the question of whether or not America also being a nation of citizens. It comes down to the constitution of the United States of America which talks about the privileges and immunities one enjoys by being a citizen but the same constitution protects persons who live in America even though they are not Americans and it also grants them equal access to social amenities like jobs and attending schools among others. Thus constitutional questions are raised as the same constitution embraces competing values.

Some individuals in America are known to be permanent resident card holders or green card holders which give them the ability to apply for U.S citizenship after living in the country for five years. However, during this period, the same individuals participate in the country’s economy not to forget the community in which they live in. They may also have had children from spouses who are U.S citizens. This raises an argument of whether these individuals should be allowed to vote or even serve in the jury. The US consulates have put into place guidelines to follow in cases where these flaws appear to hinder to citizenship acquisition process of immigrants.


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