Visa Programs Accused of Selling United States Citizenship

Visa Programs Accused of Selling United States Citizenship

Khizr Khan, a father of the Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, is an immigration lawyer that normally deals with issues involving a controversial program that allows immigrants into buying their citizenship. Mr. Khan has been in the headlines recently due to the war of words between him and presidential aspirant Donald Trump over remarks he made regarding his deceased son.

According to his website, Khan helps clients with E-2 and EB-5 visas to gain citizenship in the United States. The E-2 and EB-5 visas allow foreign investors to buy shares in US companies while allowing a family member to receive Green Cards. According to the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies, Jessica Vaughan claims that the E-2 and EB-5 visas are the most commonly abused types of visas since they allow foreign investors to buy US residency through a generous investment in a company. According to Vaughan, an investor can get citizenship for as little as $500,000 meaning that after such an investment into the United States, the investor is able to get a number of Green Cards for the spouse and children under 21 years.

Under his website, Khan’s office offers services such as legal advice and representation in issues including conducting business in different parts of the world, selecting business forms, purchase and sale of the commercial real estate, E-2 Treaty Investor, and EB-5 Investor Services as well as legal representation in litigation issues involved with businesses. None of his clients has ever been faced with any problems regarding the controversies surrounding these two visa programs.

The Center for Immigration Studies deals with issues surrounding different visa programs that can be termed as fraudulent hence exposing people behind such schemes of selling citizenship to foreign nationals. According to their website, most people investing in businesses in the United States using the EB-5 visa program are not necessarily looking for financial gain but rather buying visas for themselves and their families. they have suggested ways through which citizens can be protected from such programs that may extort them hence ensuring that people do not buy residency but rather go through the proper channels when wanting to immigrate to the united states. The increased number of EB-5 visa scammers purporting to help people secure citizenship is a cause of concern to the US government and measures have been put in place to limit such occurrences.


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