Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for Students in America

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for Students in America

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) visa is given to students in the USA who already have an f1 visa that enables them to work and gain expertise in the area of their study. This means that a student can work either on or off campus after a period of 9 months or 2 semesters in their school of study. A student can work in a department or any other specific school within his/her university after which the student will receive credit for the US CPT visa. Getting a credit for the CPT visa will mean that the student will do it as a requirement for the degree being pursued.

The US CPT visa in most cases is an important part of the curriculum in university education and it has to be authorized by the Designated School Officer (DSO) before being attempted. The international student service office is located in each university and college to ensure that students are able to apply and get US CPT visa guidance when they are undertaking their studies. The DSO has to view the application for the CPT visa before issuing the student with a new I-20, which is authorized by both parties involved. The type of CPT visa allowed may vary with immigration regulations terming the employment as an internship, practicum, or cooperative education job for which the credit is awarded.

However, if the student opts to take a CPT visa for employment over a period of more than twelve months, then he/she will not be eligible to take up a post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT gives students the ability to work in their field of study over a given time typically 12 months for all degree holders. A student may opt for either pre-completion OPT to use before graduation and post-completion OPT for use after graduation. However, there are no credits offered for any students who have undertaken OPT after their studies. If a student does not take up OPT in a period of 2 months after graduation, then he/she will lose their US status after that grace period expires.

US CPT visa guidance can be received from any International Student Service office in the respective schools. This makes sure that students are able to properly plan their time and guarantee their extended stay during and after their studies in the United States.


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