Change in US Entry Rules Cut off Many Families Fleeing from Haiti

Change in US Entry Rules Cut off Many Families Fleeing from Haiti

There was a sudden shift in the US immigration policy over the last month that caused many families stranded while fleeing Haiti. Families trying to enter the United States through Mexico were divided as women and children were allowed to enter the US while men were denied entry. This is mostly due to the efforts of the government to reduce the number of Haitians that re streaming into the United States to look for employment opportunities.

Previously, the United States was allowing Haitians to freely enter the United States without visas under temporary humanitarian parole. This was due to the numerous challenges that the country faced after the 2010 earthquake that affected the entire country. However, the increase surge of Haitians over the last few weeks from Brazil has forced the immigration department to cut back on that rule and begin the deportation of Haitians found in the country without the proper documentation.

Priority is given to women and children who are given the chance to be processed first so as to reduce their time spent in shelters at the border. This has forced most men to leave their families enter the United States as they await the process to get their necessary documents ready. Immigration officials in the US stated that this change in policy was aimed at discouraging more Haitians from making the long journeys to the US border. The increased number of immigrants has discouraged the government from changing its position on the policy over time.

However, critics say that the move by the immigration department would force most of the Haitians to seek asylum in the country which would be very hard to ignore. The increased surge in the number of people travelling to the US border reaches nearly 100 people daily hence makes it difficult for officials at the border to process these people adequately. With more people being put under the deportation list, the growing number of visitors to the borer only causes an increase in the number of people seeking shelter at the border hence straining the officers and officials even further. However, this move has not deterred Haitians from moving to seek refuge in the United States since the number of people moving to the border is increasing over time with the people hoping that the United States will not turn them back due to the humanitarian crisis in their country.


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