How to get a US Tourist Visa and how it works

How to get a US Tourist Visa and how it works

When discussing the topic of visa required by citizens to travel to other foreign countries, two general categories of applicants emerge. We have the group of citizens who would wish to travel to other countries just for a specified period of time which if it comes to an end they are compelled to go back to their country. This category of visa applicants is known as nonimmigrant visa holders. On the other hand, we have the group of citizens who wish to move from their country and visit a foreign country in which they desire to stay there permanently. These category of persons fall under the immigrant visa holders.

In this article, we focus on the US tourist visa holders who are under the general category of the nonimmigrant visa holders. Tourists are known to visit a foreign country for several reasons which range from business, research and exploration and also leisure. Taking an example of a person who wants to travel to the United States for one of these reasons, he or she will have to follow the steps outlined below.

Firstly, an applicant has to go to the US Embassy of US consulate where he or she will be given an application form to fill with the correct details needed. The applicant will then be given further instructions by the consultants in the Embassy or consulate so as to visit the website for them to fill the Form DS-160 also with the correct details required and attach a recent photo of self then print the application form. When this is done, the applicant will be given a date of an appointment with an official from the embassy who will interview them.

It is speculated that these kind of interviews tend to be difficult when conducted outside the country of residence of an applicant therefore it is advisable that one undergoes the whole process of the application in his or her own country where he or she can access the US Embassy or consulate with ease and on schedule. There usually is a fee of 160$ that applicants have to pay during the process of application. Additional documents may be requested by the officials when an applicant is about to conclude with the application process. When all the required details and documents are in place, the USCIS will now grant the applicant with a Tourist visa that would allow the holder to enter the United States for the period he or she has given the USCIS.


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