Donald Trump to Cut the Visa Program for Professional Workers

Donald Trump to Cut the Visa Program for Professional Workers

Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump has said that the US visa program that enables the entry of workers that are highly skilled is causing problems for us citizens in the job market. In his remarks, trump said that he would end the program that targets professionals without any exceptions to ensure that US citizens have enough jobs.

The H-1B visa program in his opinion takes away jobs from us citizens hence companies are able to import cheap labor from abroad. The high competition in different sectors such as modeling, scientific or engineering visas has caused controversy over time with Americans citing the increasing unemployment rate among skilled workers and other trained professionals. Mr. Trump said that he would institute a requirement that would ensure that American nationals would be hired first for every immigration and visa program that is undertaken in the country.

However, there are questions being asked about Trump’s wife, Ms. Melania, since she arrived as a model in the year 1995 before she was legally able to work in the United States. Additionally, according to labor department data, Trump’s companies have over time asked for permission to bring into the country a number of foreign workers on guest visas. Most of these US visas are for models that are to work for the Trump Model Management whose only qualification is quoted as “distinguished merit and ability”. Whereas other foreigners applying for the H-1 B visa have to possess highly specialized knowledge, the ability of models to fit easily into this category has caused discourse among opponents and supporters of these requirements.

With authorization for models being easier to attain under this program, it is impossible to evaluate how models are screened after they enter the United States. In some cases, models have received their visas in a period of 21 days, which is astonishingly fast as compared to other application in the H-1 B visa program. Once an American company  has filed an application to hire foreign nationals, the Labor Department has to approve the application after which it can be forwarded to the Citizenship And Immigration Office which vets all the candidates before deciding on whether to approve H-1B classification for the workers or not. It is after such an approval that the worker can be able to receive a visa from the State Department.


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